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Hawaiian Spider Plant

Hawaiian Spider Plant

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4" Potted Plant
    • Botanical Name: Chlorophytum comosum
    • Common Names: Spider Plant, Airplane Plant, Spider Ivy
    • Description: The Spider plant is a flowering perennial native tropical South Africa. The leaves of the spider plant are thin ribbon like strands which end in a point and grow upward and bend downward giving it the look of a spider. The Spider plant produces small white flowers that grow along a long stalk independent to the leaves of the spider plant. Also known for their air purifying qualities, the spider plant is a great companion to any household of office. 
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      Medium, indirect light. Direct, bright sunlight should be avoided.


      Water when top 2 inches of soil is dry. Water thoroughly and frequently.


      Does well at room temperature between 60°F - 77°F.


      Prefers higher levels of humidity, around 75% or above.

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